The Portfolio Diet is a therapeutic dietary pattern that combines cholesterol-lowering foods to manage dyslipidemia for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. To aid in the translation of the Portfolio Diet of the clinical practice guidelines, the was developed as a patient and physician educational and engagement tool for personal computers or smartphones. Currently, the is being used as an add-on therapy to the standard of care for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in primary care. The helps individuals learn about the Portfolio Diet and track their progress on this cholesterol-lowering diet. users are able to enter the Portfolio Diet foods that they consume throughout the day and the app automatically calculates their points. The goal is to reach 25 Portfolio Points per day to achieve cholesterol-lowering effects.

The app has been designed by an interdisciplinary team of clinical nutrition experts, registered dietitians, cardiologists, software architects, and patient, physician and dietitian advisory committees to ensure that the app comprehensively and accurately encompassed the Portfolio Diet. The app has been developed primarily for adult patients that are at risk for cardiovascular disease and clinical staff who may want to learn more about the Portfolio Diet or want to recommend the to their patients. The app contains a variety of personalized elements to enhance and sustain patient education and engagement, based on a 25-point Portfolio Diet Score. These features include: interactive dashboard, learn resources, gamification components, nudging, etc. Features

Interactive Dashboard and Gamification

The dashboard includes various statistics on adherence such as total score, individual diet component score, and 30-day score summary.

Gamification components include rewards, weekly quiz questions about the Portfolio Diet, and the Portfolio Diet Score leaderboard. The leaderboard allows users to see how their score compares to other users.

Learn Resources

The learn resources on the app include: infographics, tip sheets, Portfolio Diet recipes, and educational videos.

Educational Videos

A variety of educational videos have been developed to help increase users’ knowledge on the Portfolio Diet itself or the functionality of the

Email Nudges

The email “nudges” are sent for the attainment of process goals (app use) and behavioural/adherence goals (Portfolio Diet Score and individual component score).