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Managing Gas & Bloating

What is on this page?

What are gas and bloating?

Gas and bloating are normal functions of your digestive system and in most cases they are harmless. Gas and bloating can be caused by certain foods, eating habits, and lifestyle factors. Both can be uncomfortable feelings that can be managed through diet and lifestyle changes. If you have changed something in your diet, it is normal to feel some changes that might resolve as your body adjusts.

Why am I experiencing gas and bloating?

*Daily water intake recommendations are 9 cups per day for females and 12 cups per day for males (1 cup = 250mL).

Tips for Reducing Gas and Bloating

Keep a food diary to determine what exact food are causing discomfort and then limit or avoid those foods. There are lots of options to choose from within the Portfolio Diet to meet your needs while meeting the checklist requirements. Everyone reacts differently to different foods.

*If your gas and bloating will not go away or worsens, please contact your family doctor, dietitian, or health care provider to understand why.

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