The Portfolio Diet App Team

John Sievenpiper
David Jenkins
MD, PhD, DSc
Meaghan Kavanagh
MSc, PhD(c)
Andrea Glenn
MSc, RD, PhD

The Portfolio Diet App team includes:
David Jenkins, MD PhD DSc
John Sievenpiper, MD PhD
Cyril Kendall, PhD
Laura Chiavaroli, MSc PhD
Meaghan Kavanagh, MSc PhD(c)
Andrea Glenn, MSc RD PhD
Andreea Zurbau, PhD RD
Melanie Paquette, MSc RD
Sandhya Sahye-Pudaruth, MPH RD
Stephanie Nishi, PhD RD

Our App developers from USquareSoft:
Chi-Ming Chow, MD
Edward Brawer, BSc

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their contributions in developing recipes and education materials for the App:
Néma McGlynn, MSc RD
Joanne Davidson, MPH RD
Claudia Cheng, MSc RD
Natalie Amlin, MAN RD
Genevieve Heijmans, Undergraduate Student
Gabrielle Has-Ellison, Undergraduate Student
Ramiya Jeyarajah
Candice Nguyen, RD
Kelly-Anne Kerrigan, RD
Michelle Lo, RD
Nicole Duguay, BSc, Dietetic Student
Kaitlyn Thorp-Levitt, BSc, Dietetic Student
Abby Berendt, BSc, Dietetic Student
Gabriella Burt D’Agnillo, BSc, Dietetic Student
Jessica Oakes, Graphic Artist
Sabrina Ayoub-Charette, HBSc, PhD(c)
Songhee Back, HBSc (c), University of Toronto (Class of 2023)

Julianna Bennett, BSc, Dietetic Student

Christine Amin, BSc, MPH, Dietetic Student
Fernando Califre, George Brown College Culinary Management Nutrition student
Juveriyah Kazi, George Brown College Culinary Management Nutrition student
Thuy Thu Lieu Do (Sarah Do), George Brown College Culinary Management Nutrition student
Nicholas Chiang, PharmD, University of Toronto Medical Student (Class of 2025)
Alyssa Chen, PharmD, University of British Columbia Medical Student (Class of 2025)