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About Viscous Fibre

Viscous fibre reduces LDL-cholesterol and helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. It is a sticky fibre that forms a gel with food in your stomach. This gel helps slow down the movement of food through your digestive system making you feel fuller for longer.

How to Add Viscous Fibre to Your Diet

  • Adding viscous fibre to your diet can be quick and simple!
  • Consuming psyllium husk is the easiest way to add viscous fibre to your diet!
    • Psyllium husk can be consumed by simply mixing it into water or by adding psyllium husk to smoothies, breakfast oats, soups, stews, baked goods, or other recipes
    • Check out our psyllium husk tip sheet here
    • Check out our Portfolio recipes with psyllium husk here
  • Top your salad with All Bran Buds
  • Choose oat bran bread instead of white or whole wheat bread
  • Keep a batch of cooked barley on hand
  • Include fruits and vegetables high in viscous fibre every day

Viscous Fibre & Portfolio Diet Points

  • Aim for 5 points of viscous fibre each day.
  • 1 point can be:
*Kellogg’s (All Bran Buds) donated funding and/or food for current and past research.

Important Notes

  • Dietary fibre on the food label includes ALL fibres, viscous fibre is only a part of the total fibre.